SpeedART prepares kit TITAN EVO for the new Cayenne

Tuners from SpeedART studio aerodynamic prepare for the new Cayenne Porsche, which got the name TITAN EVO. New products will be presented at the upcoming tuning show in Essen. On Granting image shows that the TITAN EVO kit for the new Cayenne includes different front and rear bumpers, flared wheel arches and side skirts. In addition, the crossover will get a huge 23-inch wheels with an unusual pattern. In addition to the kit, experts from SpeedART ready to install performance. This package increases performance by 50 hp and 70 Nm diesel crossover, a hybrid version of the S Hybrid will be the more powerful 70 hp and 50 Nm, and for the Cayenne Turbo, you can choose one of three options: a capacity of 550, 570 or 600 hp In addition, the tuners offer a sport exhaust system with valve control for owners of petrol vehicles, as well as a sporting outlet for diesel. Those who have crossover air suspension, electronic module will be offered a reduction, and for the Cayenne with conventional suspension engineers are preparing a set of springs and shock absorbers to reduce the clearance.

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speedart-titan-evo_02-650x433 speedart-titan-evo_03-650x433 speedart-titan-evo_01-650x433

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