The speedART company finalized Porsche Panamera Diesel

The five-door Porsche Panamera Diesel has undergone significant internal and external changes from the tuners from speedART studio. Exterior Panamera, dubbed PS9-300D, front got “skirt” of the bumper and the additional holes on the hood, sports a profile of the new thresholds, and the food is different from the standard presence of the diffuser with four tailpipes of the exhaust system, double-wing and new air intakes. The large wheel arches are fully occupied 22-inch alloy wheels Five Spoke Competition, “shod” in the tire width of 265 millimeters at the front and 305 millimeters at the rear. Standard brakes are painted yellow. The 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel V6, thanks to a package of improvements speedART, now develops the power of 300 hp and 650 Nm of torque. For sraveniya, the same engine as standard provides 250 hp and 550 Nm. The cost of improvements is not specified.

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panamera-diesel-by-speedart_02-650x433 panamera-diesel-by-speedart_01-650x433 panamera-diesel-by-speedart_03-650x433

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