The SpeedART company finalized the new Porsche Boxster (981)

Specialists SpeedART tuning studio completed work on the SP81-R package for the new Porsche Boxster (981) that can be set as a basic version and a more powerful modification with a label S. The company has developed new products for small body kit, which includes front spoiler, side skirts, rear wing on the trunk lid and a diffuser. Rounding out the picture of the label on the body, and exclusive wheels available diameter of 20 and 21 inches and in several color options. Installation of a new sports exhaust system and catalyst can increase the impact of both variants of engines 20 hp Boxster on and 20 Nm. There are package of stage 2, implying the reconfiguration of the electronic control unit that allows you to raise the return on an additional 30 power and 30 Nm. In the future, experts SpeedART prepare the third phase of the installation of the release and the modified titanium turbine that will increase of 80 “horses”. In addition, customers are offered an adjustable suspension with the possibility of changes not only her work but also ride. The cost of improvements is not specified.

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boxster-981-ot-speedart_02-650x433 boxster-981-ot-speedart_01-650x433 boxster-981-ot-speedart_03-650x433

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