Two special model Bentley Continental GT

Bentley has introduced two new versions of the coupe and the Continental GT Convertible, prepared specially for the market. The first was called Silverfox, and the second – Magenta Edition. A distinctive feature of the special model is two-tone design of the exterior and interior. Bentley Continental GT S Silver Fox got its name in honor of the fastest locomotive, which in 1936, on the way from London to Edinburgh overclocked to 181.9 km/h. This model is painted in black and gray, and the interior is finished in black leather with bright yellow accents. The movement of the compartment leads the 4.0-liter V8 rated at 528 hp (680 Nm). Magenta version was more colorful and clearly created for the fair sex.

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The body of the car is painted in purple and white colors. Trim made in similar hues, while at the seat headrests emblazoned inscription Mulliner. This modification is also equipped with a 4.0-liter “eight” to return to the 507 power (660 Nm). The British release of all three coupe Continental GT V8 S by Silverfox, as well as three and one convertible Continental GT V8 Magenta.

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