At the Paris Motor Show 2012, Smart will surprise the audience concept ForStars, the design of which is in the style shown in Detroit pickup-us Concept for. Although the car and a double, it turned out much larger series Smart ForTwo. Overall length concept ForStars is 3550 mm, width – 1710 mm, height – 1 505 mm. The magnitude of the wheelbase, as compared with ForTwo, increased by 603 mm, and a sliding cargo floor to create a load platform length is 900 mm. One of the key pieces Smart ForStars Concept is integrated into the hood of a projector that can project the image from your smartphone on the wall and the back of the transparent roof is removed, allowing to organize the mobile cinema in the open air. The technical stuffing for the concept have Smart ForTwo electric drive from Brabus, which includes a 82-horsepower electric motor (135 Nm) and a set of batteries. According to the automaker, this setting allows the compact up to speed 130 km/h. On the future of the project has not reported.

foto-smart-forstars-concept_03-650x487 foto-smart-forstars-concept_02-650x487 foto-smart-forstars-concept_01-650x487