At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013 the presentation of the concept of Smart FourJoy, which is the forerunner of the compact Smart ForFour new generation. The truth is, the prototype is still quite far from the serial car.
It is known that the new Smart ForFour is 820 mm long two-seater version of the ForTwo. The latter, by the way, will soon also expects a change of generations.
The movement of Smart FourJoy Concept brings 55-kilowatt electric motor, powered by a set of lithium-ion batteries. Their full charge from a household network will take about seven hours, the other characteristics of the concept are not announced.
As for the future serial Smart ForFour, then it prepared a new 0.9-liter engine developed by Mercedes-Benz is compatible with the alliance Renault-Nissan. It is available in both atmospheric (65 hp) and a turbocharged (85 and 105 hp) embodiments.

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