New Smart ForTwo Cabrio (3) 2016, prices and equipment

Smart ForTwo Cabrio (2016) – is a subcompact convertible based on the model Smart Fort 3 generations. The world premiere of the open modification took place in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015. Outside, the new Smart ForTwo Cabrio 3 stands narrowed rear struts and fabric roof, which can be ordered in one of three available colors: black, blue or red. Fold the top of the can by pressing a button from the cabin or from the dedicated button on the key. It is noteworthy that the new convertible Smart 2016 Fort roof can be lowered even when driving at a maximum speed (although it is not large and is only 155 km/h), and the whole process takes 12.0 seconds. In addition, the top can be removed only in part, organized a large open hatch above their heads, but left in place the rear window. The company specified that the design of the convertible top Smart ForTwo Cabrio 2016 were tested by the same tests as the flagship Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet, and another novelty was the “most rigid convertible Smart in the history of the brand.” Torsional rigidity of the body, compared to its predecessor, has grown by 15%. They are combined in a pair with a five-step mechanics or a dedicated six robot with two clutches. Receiving orders for the new Smart Fort Convertible 3 in Europe will begin in November, and the first cars will reach customers in February 2016.

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