Smart Forspeed Concept shown at Geneva 2011

Mercedes company has distributed photos of conceptual Smart Forspeed, which will be shown to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011 in Switzerland. The design resembles the current concept shown in 2002 Smart Crossblade, but the company has said that the car will not go into a series and created only in order to demonstrate, in what direction will the appearance of serial Smart ForTwo and ForFour new generation. As the power plant for compact Forspeed selected capacity of 40 horsepower with a function Overboost, which is able to temporarily increase the return on the additional seven “horses.” The maximum speed of the electric concept is 120 km/h, and from the place to the city 60 km/h Smart Forspeed can accelerate in 5.5 seconds. Cruising is only 136 kilometers, but the battery charging 80 percent will take only 45 minutes.


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