New Skoda Yeti 2016 compact crossover, prices and equipment

Skoda Yeti – the crossover produced by the Czech company since 2009. The car took a vacant niche in the model number of the manufacturer. The first prototype of the compact SUV was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005.
The basis for the Yeti became the Volkswagen A5 platform (version PQ35). During vehicle development experience Skoda company has been used in the construction of terrain, resulting in the production of the versatile Octavia Scout. Skoda Yeti off-road capability is largely determined by the ground clearance, which is limited to the platform features.

Configurations and prices Skoda Yeti 2016.

Equipment Price Engine transmission Drive
1.6 MPI Active MT $22,900 1.6 petrol (110 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 MPI Active AT $23,900 1.6 petrol (110 hp) Automatic (6) front
1.6 MPI Ambition MT $24,400 1.6 petrol (110 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 MPI Ambition AT $25,700 1.6 petrol (110 hp) Automatic (6) front
1.4 TSI Ambition MT $26,000 1.4 petrol (125 hp) Manual (6) front
1.4 TSI Ambition DSG $26,700 1.4 petrol (125 hp) Automatic (7) front
1.6 MPI Style AT $27,400 1.6 petrol (110 hp) Automatic (6) front
1.4 TSI Style MT $27,500 1.4 petrol (125 hp) Manual (6) front
1.4 TSI Style DSG $28,400 1.4 petrol (125 hp) Automatic (7) front
1.8 TSI Ambition 4 × 4 DSG $29,600 1.8 petrol (152 hp) Automatic (6) full
1.8 TSI Style DSG 4 × 4 $31,400 1.8 petrol (152 hp) Automatic (6) full

crossover length is 4223 mm, width – 1793, height – 1 691 Ground clearance (clearance) Skoda Yeti is 180 mm, the volume of the luggage compartment (depending on seat position) may range from 405 to 1760 liters.
Design Skoda Yeti (2015-2016) continues and develops corporate identity automaker. In many ways, this car is similar to the earlier the Roomster, but in the process of creating a crossover Czech experts have moved away from the idea of a radical separation in the exterior of the driver and passenger areas.
The specific shape of the rack between the front and rear doors that maintains focus, but not so catchy and categorically as a “back room” at the Roomster. The appearance of cars at the same time a strict and active. Black front and rear window pillars create the illusion of solid glass, the rear lights are simple but original.
Fog lights Skoda Yeti, occupying part of the head light, diluted strict and classic frontal. Recognizability of the vehicle and gives the characteristic silhouette: bonnet plane inclined to the horizontal, and the fifth door is located almost vertically, with a windshield has a significant slope.
Salon Skoda Yeti (2015-2016) was created in the best traditions of the Volkswagen Group – all strictly, concisely and soundly. In the design of the center console and the instrument panel is unlikely to find original elements. Classic wells scales, familiar button layout, deflectors and display, lack of bright parts in the design of the seats and door cards – it looks bored, and not cheap, but still.
The original lineup of powertrains for the Skoda Yeti in market was represented by only two motors. The first – four-cylinder petrol turbo engine displacement of 1.2 liters, an outstanding 105 hp at 5000 rev/min and a maximum torque of 175 Nm, available in a range from 1550 to 4100 rev/min. and is transmitted to the front wheels.
The second engine – it is also a turbo “four”, but the 1.8-liter, which is the maximum power of 152 hp (At 4500 – 6200 rev/min) and peak torque of 250 Nm is available in a range of crankshaft RPM of 1,500 to 4,500 r/min and transmitted on all wheels.
Buyers can choose Yeti with one of the three available transmissions – a six-speed mechanics or robotised gearbox with seven or six gears, the latter is only available for cars with 1.8-liter engine. Later in the series appeared intermediate version with 1.4-liter gasoline turbo engine TSI with 122 hp, and the only diesel TDI 2.0-liter with 140 returns in force.
To date, the dealers of Skoda Yeti crossover offering 2016 standard three equipment levels: Active, Ambition and Style. The basic version with a 1.6-liter engine (110 troops), and mechanics will cost 1.049 million rubles.
In the list of installed equipment there are ABS, ESP, air conditioning, assistance system of the car up the hill, heated front seats, front airbags, radio equipment with 8 speakers, steel 16-inch wheels, central locking with remote control, immobilizer, powered and heated rear-view mirrors.
The price of the new Skoda Yeti 2016 with 125-horsepower engine range from $23,900 to $28,400. During the crossover with all-wheel drive will put minmum $29,600 – this is a car with a 1.8-liter engine (152 hp) and a robot DSG. And for top-end Yeti asking $31,400, and this does not include additional options that can draw in the amount of more than $1000.

Updated Skoda Yeti 2016.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013, the premiere of the updated crossover Skoda Yeti, but details about the new product and its first photos of the Czech automaker issued a month before the start of the exhibition.
So, a restyled version of the Skoda Yeti 2016 new body has lost one of its most recognizable features – the large round headlights under the main head optics. Now the cars usual fog at the bottom of a modified front bumper and standard optics in the manner of Octavia and Superb.
In addition, Skoda Yeti (2015-2016) acquired a modified radiator grille has a new logo, as well as retouch taillights, rear bumper and trunk lid. Inside, the steering wheel installed by the new Skoda Octavia 3 and expanded the list of available materials for the upholstery of seats.
Sales of the new Skoda Yeti Europe started in the autumn. In the Old World for the crossover is offered four diesel and three petrol engine, is mounted in a pair with a six-speed mechanics or robotic 6- and 7-band transmissions DSG. Prior to the vehicle market reached only in the first half of 2014. Now, the price ranges from plug $22,900 to $31,400.
It is worth noting popolenine line modification of Skoda Yeti Ourdoor, as well as an appearance in the list of the rear view camera option and the automatic parking system that can put the car on their own both parallel and perpendicular.

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