The Skoda company will present at the Geneva Motor Show a new concept of the Vision the X: a harbinger of the smallest of its crossover, which will appear on the market in the coming years.

While the Czechs published only a few design sketches. Apparently, the general direction in the stylistics given by the former chief designer of Skoda Josef Kaban, who moved to BMW, will remain. Sharp lines, sharp edges, sketches, it is noticeable that the machine will borrow some stylistic solutions from Fabia, but still, it will be original. But the “two-story” optics in the front is something new, Skoda did not even have it on concepts or serial models before.

Salon concept, apparently, will be solved in a minimalist style. Of all controls: a three-spoke sports steering wheel, and a small “mouse” for selecting the modes of operation of the gearbox. In the center of the front panel is a widescreen screen, and the center console is completely absent.

Of all the technical details, only that the concept is equipped with a hybrid powerplant is known: Skoda promises that by 2025 every fourth of its cars will be either a rechargeable hybrid or an electric car.