In Shanghai 2011, Nissan revealed Compact Sport Concept

At the Shanghai Motor Show in 2011 the company introduced a concept Nissan hatchback Compact Sport Concept, which worked on the design of Chinese artists. And it should be said that they have got very good.
Advanced wings, massive grille and larger wheels give the hatchback rather menacing look. The car is constructed based on the Micra model and has dimensions of 3482 mm in length and 1444 – in height.
The movement Nissan Compact Sport Concept brings a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with turbocharging, develop decent for a car of this size, 190 hp and 240 Nm of torque at peak, is transmitted to the wheels through a CVT having six fixed steps with the possibility of manual switching.
This hatchback is positioned as a compact sports car for the young people in the emerging markets of the automotive industry, but its future is, at the moment, it looks very hazy.
Recall that in Shanghai, the Japanese company also unveiled the new Nissan Tiida for the local market, which global sales in 2014.

nissan-compact-concept_02-650x430 nissan-compact-concept_03-650x430 nissan-compact-concept_01-650x430

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