On January 1, 2017 for the importation into the territory must be supported by the car to him was installed system “ERA-GLONASS”. Because of this need to change the rules of setting the vehicle on the account, and large customs warehouses stranded thousands of foreign cars. Deal with the situation was entrusted the Ministry of Industry, whose staff developed a simplified procedure for registration. A new scheme tested in late March in the Maritime region, having a test installation of the complex “ERA-GLONASS” on Honda Accord 2005 of century The press-service of the Primorsky Territory reported that the test unit complex on the used car was successful and took only 20 minutes. The efficiency of the system was confirmed by the operators of the call center “GLONASS”. It is expected that the mass installation of the system “ERA-GLONASS” on used cars will begin in April 2017 the first certified center in Primorye open company “Sumatori-Auto”, which has received from JSC “Glonass” permission for the provision of a full range of services. Every day there will be able to equip up to 200 or more cars. In the future, the right to set up the system “ERA-GLONASS” will receive and other dealers. To set the owner of the complex foreign cars need to buy a system “ERA-GLONASS” and report the vehicle the VIN-number, chassis number, and device ID. All these data will be included in GAIS “ERA-GLONASS”. Then, in a special laboratory motorist will be awarded a safety certificate of the vehicle structure, and after all procedures at customs he can get PTSD. Over the next 10 days the driver you need to install the device in one of the certified centers and put the car on account of the traffic police. Such policies used cars will operate as long as the government does not develop permanent. The exact cost of installation of the complex “ERA-GLONASS” will be announced in the next 2-3 months. It is expected that the driver will have to pay for the procedure from $180┬áto $530.