On September 1, 2016 to pass the exam on the right has become more difficult

September 1, 2016 came into force the new administrative regulations, providing for stricter rules obtaining a driving license. Surrendering theory is still allowed to admit up to two errors, but now for each of them will have to further answer the five questions in the same cluster. Changes were themselves the tickets that have been adapted to numerous changes in traffic, have occurred over the last year. The practical part of the exam has also become more difficult. For example, if the previous candidate for the drivers had to perform three exercises at the site, but now he will have to demonstrate their driving skills in the five disciplines. Themselves exercises have become more diverse. But the procedure for the exam in the city has not undergone changes, and committed an error in the process of driving the driver is still charged one, three or five penalty points (depending on the degree of complexity of the disorder). If while driving around the city delivers the right to pick up five penalty points, the exam will be considered failed. Tighter rules for getting a driver’s license also provides for the introduction of a fixed time for all test procedures. For example, the dealer on the right can be expected in the queue no more than 15 minutes, and in case of violation of the limit of liability incurred by taking the exam traffic police inspector.


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