At the SEMA 2011 show the fastest SLR McLaren

Several well-known tuning studio to seriously work on the legendary Mercedes SLR McLaren supercar. Updates have been the appearance of the car, but the main number of improvements under the hood. The work was attended by representatives Platinum Motorsport, RENNtech, MACarbon and Exotics Boutique. Exterior SLR McLaren was well known from the studio kit Renovatio Mansory, and standard wheels took place Agetro M140 wheels 20 inches in diameter. Further development of the technical part of the supercar engaged exclusively engineers from RENNtech. List update includes a new engine management software and a box, a new exhaust system, including catalysts, inverters and silencers, as well as more efficient intercoolers, radiator For manual transmission, fuel pump, coilovers with three modes and enhanced brakes. All this has increased the impact of the motor to 770 hp, 144 forces more than the standard version. Exact dynamic performance tuning SLR McLaren were not disclosed. We only know that the revised supercar runs the quarter mile in 10.29 seconds at the finish developing the 214 km/h. Such rates make it the fastest SLR model history. The official premiere of the car will take place at the SEMA tuning show 2011 in Las Vegas.

fastest-slr-ot-renntech_02 fastest-slr-ot-renntech_03 fastest-slr-ot-renntech_01

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