Sedan Hyundai Sonata 4, prices and equipment

Debut Hyundai Sonata 4 took place in 1998 at the Turin Motor Show. The reaction of visitors and industry experts has been mixed. For example, some noted that the design of Hyundai Sonata 4 has remained virtually unchanged and is not consistent with modern trends, the other – pointed out the obvious borrowings from other models.

Configuration and price Hyundai Sonata 4.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
MT5 2.0 MT $11,100 2.0 petrol (137 hp) Manual (5) front
MT6 2.0 MT $12,100 2.0 petrol (137 hp) Manual (5) front
AT7 2.0 AT $12,400 2.0 petrol (137 hp) Automatic (4) front
MT10 2.7 MT $13,700 2.7 petrol (172 hp) Manual (5) front
AT8 2.7 AT $14,200 2.7 petrol (172 hp) Automatic (4) front
MT9 2.7 MT $14,400 2.7 petrol (172 hp) Manual (5) front
AT4 2.7 AT $15,200 2.7 petrol (172 hp) Automatic (4) front

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Serial production model began in 1999. The length of Hyundai Sonata IV (EF) reaches 4747 mm, width – 1820, height – 1422, the value of the wheelbase is 2700 millimeters. The boot capacity – 430 liters. Increased dimensions of a positive impact on the comfort of the cabin. The car is equally comfortable to sit on both the front and rear. It is noticeable that the work on the new generation of models, Korean experts is focused on comfort.
In 2001, the Koreans presented to the public version of the model restyling, which some consider the fifth generation Sonata. Upgrade undergone design: the features of the body 4 Sonatas become more smooth and elegant. All of this allowed us to look more modern sedan. Salon Hyundai Sonata 4 after restyling has also undergone significant changes. When interior decoration has been used several new materials and plastic parts, which were not very pleasant to the touch, it became much smaller. In addition, the instrument panel has undergone redevelopment.
Not surprisingly, the updated version has become a kind of “swan song” Fourth Sonata. Over the next years model showed high sales results, even becoming a best seller in some markets.
They work in tandem with a 5-speed manual or a 4-TR. From zero to hundreds four-door accelerates in 9.6 seconds. (C automaton 10.5), the maximum speed reaches 200 and 190 km/h, respectively. Maximum speed varies from 216 to 210 km/h.
The basic package includes the model CD player and six speakers, cloth trim, electric side windows and electric heated mirrors. The top version in addition can boast the presence of leather seats, front and side airbags, climate control, heated front seats, xenon headlights and so on.


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