Sedan BMW 5-Series equipped with a full autopilot

Within the framework of the CES 2017 consumer electronics, BMW unveiled a concept version of the 5-Series G30 sedan, equipped with full autonomous control system.

Representatives of BMW noticed that the basis for the autopilot had been taken not only to improved electronic aids used in production models Bavarian brand, but also special equipment that allows electronics to create a digital map of the surrounding area.

By activating the off-line (in the prototype he called Passenger), the driver of the sedan and passengers can take advantage of access to the services of Amazon Prime Video and Prime Now. The first of them allows you to view a variety of series and transfer to your smartphone or tablet, and the second – for purchases via the Internet, and you can choose the point of receipt of the goods on the route cars.

Another feature of the conceptual sedan BMW 5-Series is the function of the autonomous parking – Robot Valet Parking. When using it, the driver can remotely send the car to the parking lot, using a special app on a smartphone or a “smart” key. In a similar way the car can be returned back.

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