Already a three-time world champion Sebastian Vettel had never won the Canadian Grand Prix, but the season 2013 the circuit Gilles Villeneuve still obeyed the young German. Starting from pole position, Seb svoeystvennoy him in a manner to create a separation from his pursuers, without losing the leadership did not even stop. Throughout the race, Lewis Hamilton held a second, but just a few laps to go he overtook Fernando Alonso started sixth. Both drivers struggled nice, but eventually lost to Lewis all, taking up the race in third place. As for Fernando, he attacked the great, being able to go the distance and get ahead of Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber. Now the Spaniard came in second place in the standings, relegating to third place Kimi, but in the person of the leader Vettel looked already 36 points ahead. Webber finished fourth, which nearly ruined the race Guido van der Garde, avstralitsa not noticed in the rearview mirror when he overtook him in the circle. Between the machines there was contact, but serious damage, fortunately, it did not lead. Nico Rosberg was the only leader who made ​​four scheduled pit stop, but it did not prevent the winner of the previous stage in Monaco to finish in fifth place. But the sixth line crossed Jean Eric at Toro Rosso, earning a lot of points and improve its reputation, against the backdrop of a faltering successful performances of his team-mate. The hundredth race for her team Force India driver Paul di Resta (7th place) and Adrian Sutil (10th) finished in the points ten, but Sutil to go the distance encountered a lot of problems, so that the final result for him could be much better. I spent a great race Felipe Massa (8th place), who managed for a couple of laps before the checkered flag ahead of Kimi (9th place). And this despite the fact that the Brazilian started from a distant 16th position. As for Walter Bottas, who showed the day before in qualifying magnificent third result, the completely “dry” race Finn expected Williams had nothing to oppose faster machines. Already at the start Bottas missed several positions, and to finish it all and was only in 14th place. Ahead of the calendar listed a three-week break, and then we are waiting for the eighth stage of the championship – the British Grand Prix in 2013, where the races are held not less interesting than in Canada.