Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix 2015

Starting from pole position, Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix in 2015, won the most 42 career victory, third in the current season and the fourth at this track. And Seb won almost the same style as he did behind the wheel of Red Bull during his dominance. They finished second and third, Daniel Riccardo and Kimi Raikkonen, ie in the same order that they were qualified the day before. During the race on the track the safety car appeared twice (the first time due to contact of Felipe Massa and Nico, and the second – because of the appearance of a stranger on the road, which is safely left it). The first time Daniel has passed forward a couple of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes, and the second – ahead squeeze even on Bottas and Walter Williams. The seventh in the race Sergio Perez finished in the Force India, ten closed Felipe Nasr in the Sauber, which is literally on the last lap tore his position in the struggle with Roman Grosjean, and the eighth and ninth were representatives of Toro Rosso – Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz, respectively. Moreover, the team asked Carlos Max skip forward, but he did not. Surprisingly, the Dutchman stalled at the start, and when the engine on his car started, he had lost all round. After the first safety car Verstappen returned to the circle with all (as provided by the rules), and after the second – could be attached to the tail. A large number of retirements and the high speed of his car enabled him not only to finish in the top ten, but also to be ahead of team-mate. Well, the next race will take place just one week – it will be the Japanese Grand Prix at the legendary Suzuka.


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