Concerns about the safety of the race in Bahrain, fortunately, did not materialize, and the Grand Prix took place without any major problems. However, grandstand tickets were sold only 28,000 against the order of 100 000 in 2010. The winner of the race was the holder of pole position Sebastian Vettel, for whom this was the first victory of the season. In general, in the past four races were four different winners from four different teams. Winning two-fold world champion has allowed him to come out on top in the overall standings. Not least because of the problems of its leading competitors. Lewis Hamilton started the second was the victim of two hitches during pit stops, that it was thrown far back. As a result, the Briton finished only eighth. His team-mate Jenson Button had a good chance to finish the race in fifth, but the Bahrain Grand Prix ended for him insulting gathering technical just two laps to go. The real heroes of the last race became pilots of Lotus. Not very good start, and then Romain Grosjean and Kimi Raikkonen began to effortlessly bypass the one opponent after another. Their race cars on the course has not only high speed but also allows you to protect the rubber. As a result, at some point the Frenchman and the Finn were in second and third positions, respectively, but Kimi was on a soft rubber, and Roman – in the middle class. This alignment Raikkonen ensured a slight advantage, so it is without much struggle ahead of team-mate, he rushed vdokonku the leader. Alas, the internal battle for victory in the race we have not seen. Kimi managed to overtake Vettel, and even a couple of times shown himself in the mirror on the brakes, but after the final pit stop, when both were on a hard tires, the gap between them began to grow gradually. Grosjean, in turn, could not come close to this pair, so how they finished – Kimi Raikkonen second, Roman – third. Excellent result. Behind them Mark Webber crossed the line (4th place), Nico Rosberg (5th place), Paul di Resta (6th place) and Fernando Alonso (7th place). Paul di Resta was the only rider who was able to implement a risky tactic with fewer pit stops in a good result. Pilots Ferrari knew in advance that they will have a hard time in Bahrain, so the seventh and ninth Alonso Felipe Massa can be called a good result. For Felipe earned at all points in Bahrain became the first of the season. Well closed deyatku Michael Schumacher, who had driven for the fourth race in a row. Recall that in qualifying on his car refused system DRS, which is why he could not even go in the second segment, and then the team decided to change the gearbox, so that a fine of five positions pushed the Germans on 22 place. But Caterham car is still not allowed to finish above the sixteenth place. The next stage will be held in Spain in three weeks. F1 returns to Europe, but before that we are waiting for further inter-seasonal tests in Barcelona, ​​where the team will experience a variety of new items. It will be interesting to see whether the balance of forces in the camp leaders.