Sebastian Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2015

In contrast to Saturday’s qualifying to the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2015, in the course of which intervened tropical rain, Sunday’s race from start to finish it took place on dry asphalt. But this did not affect the entertainment and the presence of the struggle, which appeared in abundance.

At the start of the leaders kept their positions, but after a few laps in the first turn left into the gravel Marcus Ericsson, which led to the departure of the safety car. Most teams decided at this point zazvat its pilots to the pit stop, but in the Ferrari did not do it, and it allowed Vettel to become a leader.

Both riders Mercedes after the change of rubber rolled back a bit, but then could quite easily get even, coming on the 2nd and 3rd places. But then it turned out that the tactics with three stops at the “Silver Arrows” turned out to be less favorable compared to that selected in the Ferrari with two stops for Seb.

And in the end – is already in his second race for Ferrari Sebastian Vettel won a very convincing victory.Himself the last time he stood on the top step of the podium in the final race in Brazil in 2013, and Ferrari did not win a Grand Prix of Spain, held in May of 2012.

Lewis Hamilton finished second to keep the lead in the Championship, and Nico Rosberg saw the checkered flag in third. In this fourth managed to cross the line teammate Vettel for Scuderia Kimi Raikkonen, who started only 11th and at the beginning of race punctured wheel and rolled at the very end of the field. So the result of the Finn proved a very worthy.

After a not too successful qualification tightened representatives of the team Williams. Throughout almost the entire distance walked in front of Felipe Massa (6th), but just a couple of laps to go, his team-mate Walter Bottas (5th) at a little more fresh tires was able to get ahead of the Brazilian.

But things the Red Bull continue to go it does not matter. The car is clearly not enough speed, so that once the champion team gradually losing ground. In Malaysia, both riders Trust Toro Rosso are ahead. Max Verstappen (7th place) ahead of not only the mate Carlos Sainz (8th place), but also Daniel Kvyat (9th place) and Daniel Riccardo (10th place).

The same applies to McLaren-Honda – this time, neither Button nor returned behind the wheel of Alonso to the finish line not held due to technical problems.

Well, the next race – the Chinese Grand Prix in 2015 is waiting for us in two weeks. Let’s hope that Ferrari will continue to impose further struggle Mercedes. Surely connect to them, and Williams – then we will have to wait for the really interesting season.


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