Sebastian Vettel won the Italian Grand Prix 2013

Starting from pole position, Vettel won the Italian Grand Prix in 2013, even more strengthened his lead in the standings. With seven races before the end of the season the German ahead of his nearest rival in the person of Fernando Alonso by 53 points. Fernando himself had a brilliant race. The Spaniard started fifth, but finished second, having pleased a large army bolelshikov Scuderia. No.yu as the previous Belgian Grand Prix, it was the maximum today. The speed of Ferrari still can not catch up with Red Bull. However, Alonso is still ahead of Mark Webber (3rd place) and Felipe Massa (4th place), lost to his partner without a fight. And on top of Felipe I went and did the second, but after the first wave of pit stops to beat Red Bull Ferrari – and Mark regained his position. Great race held Nico (5th place), on the eve of a qualified high third place. Of course, to go the distance lost to the Germans, but even on the fifth place finish allowed him to again score points more than in the previous races this year. But for Mercedes cars speed Monza is not approached. Nico Rosberg maintained its sixth place and Lewis Hamilton (9th place) played three positions relative to the start, but that’s clearly not the result that was calculated in the team. Roman crossed the line eighth, while his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen at Spa after the disappearance has not been able to get out of the black strip. At this time, the Finn at the start of the race damaged front wing, and then replace it rolled to the end of the field. As a result, the end of the race he was only eleventh. Spectacled ten closed Jenson Button. The next race will be held in two weeks – it will be a night Grand Prix in Singapore.


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