Starting from pole position, Nico Rosberg at the finish of the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2013 was only in ninth place, which again reminded of last year’s problems the team Mercedes, where the cars could not keep a good pace in race conditions. The winner of the race for the second time this season proved to be Sebastian Vettel, who was missed at the start ahead of Fernando Alonso, but quickly played the position, and on the third lap took the lead, began to create themselves a comfortable lead over his pursuers. But for the drivers of the Ferrari team the day was not the best way. In the beginning of Fernando I kept good order and walked behind Vettel Rosberg. But then the Spaniard went to the first pit stop, which laps later had to repeat – by car Alonso refused system DRS, because of which the strap in the back wing of the locks in the open position. Although the leader of the Ferarri continued to struggle, by the time he had rolled far back as overtaking proved to be difficult. Closer to the finish Fernando still made his way to seventh place, but could not resist the onslaught of attack it Sergio Perez and finally saw the checkered flag in eighth. Felipe Massa during the race twice collided with a puncture of the same wheel, finishing outside the top ten. But at the height proved riders Lotus, to repeat his last year’s result in Bahrain. Kimi Raikkonen crossed the line second, Roman – third. But in general, all the top three finished in the same manner as that of a year ago. For a long time on the podium he claimed Paul di Resta, who was able to travel the distance with fewer pit stops. Alas, the final segment of this backfired – on fresh tires easily caught him and beat Grosjean. But fourth place for the Scot was a great result. Against the background of failed the race Rosberg who started the ninth Lewis Hamilton managed to rehabilitate some situation, reaching the finish line in fifth. Sergio Perez finished sixth, for which the Bahrain Grand Prix was an incredible battlefield with many pilots, but especially the island was fighting team-mate Jenson Button. After the race in China Sergio collapsed wave of criticism from journalists for his not too convincing performances, and so it is now shown the result should make them reconsider. Himself Jenson won the only point for tenth place. Also in the top ten finished Mark Webber (7th place). The next race will take place in three weeks in Spain, and while Vettel strengthened his lead in the overall standings, while Kimi Raikkonen behind him by only 10 points.