To the Paris Motor Show, the Spaniards prepared a new crossover Seat Tarraco – the flagship model in the line, which received its name in honor of the city of Tarragona in Catalonia. The given name for the car was chosen with the help of the popular vote.

In front, the new Seat Tarraco 2019 (photo and price) demonstrates the vector of the chosen brand style development that provides a hexagonal grille with chrome edging and a fashionable design, as well as a high-raised head optics with diode sections of characteristic shape.

At the rear, the all-terrain vehicle is separated by a lintel between the lanterns, stretched out over the entire width of the car, as well as strict lines of the bumper with the exhaust pipes of the exhaust system. But in the profile of the Seat Tarraco 2019 in the new body it seems familiar