At the Geneva Motor Show in 2015 the Spanish carmaker revealed to the world the Seat 20V20 crossover, which is only a concept. But the production version of the model based on it will go on sale in 2016.
The basis of the off-road vehicle Seat 20V20 Concept laid down folksvagenovsky modular chassis MQB. Overall length of the five-seater car is 4659 mm at a wheelbase of 2 791 Ground clearance is an impressive 228 millimeters, and the amount of luggage – 600 liters.
The company did not specify how the engine is equipped with a prototype, but is designed to fit the design of gasoline engines TSI, diesel TDI, as well as hybrid power plants with a capacity of up to 300 hp. The drive can be both front and complete.
Outside Seat 20V20 sports a stylish design with chopped forms. Some of the design elements of the exterior of the concept will be used in future production models of the company. Shop crossover stands fully electronic instrument panel, combined with the LCD screen infotainment system on the center console.

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