At the Moscow Motor Show 2016 took place the presentation Ravon R4 sedan, whose sales will start in November. The production model established in the enterprise General Motors Uzbekistan in Asaka.
If you look at the photo, it is immediately clear that the seemingly new Ravon R4 is a well-known model of the Chevrolet brand. In this case we have a sedan the Cobalt , originally made its debut in 2012
From the original P4 Ravon a different grille, but otherwise is the same as the Cobalt, which sold us to the middle of 2015 can be assumed that the size of the machines are identical. Overall the last length of 4479 mm, the size of the wheelbase is 2620, width – 1735, height – 1 514.
As the power unit for Ravon R4 is offered only gasoline engine – a 1.5-liter “four” power of 107 hp, which is also installed on Ravon Nexia Model R3. Combined, it is paired with a 5-speed manual, the dynamic characteristics are not specified yet.
The cost of the new R4 Ravon 2016 base should not exceed 500 000 r, but the exact details on pricing and trim levels will be announced later. Note that a car equipped with the system “ERA-GLONASS”, which, together with ABS, be impractical to put on a compact Ravon Matiz so that its supply will soon be phased out.

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