Saleen Company introduced the Mustang police officer for the Seal Beach

In 1990, the police department of the Californian city of Seal Beach received a special copy of the Saleen Mustang SB / S oil car, which was turned into an official car. After 28 years Saleen company presented a modern version of the police Mustang. Pictures of new items appeared in the tuning company’s Instagram, while the comments say that the car captured in the pictures is based on the version 302 Mustang. Previously, specialists Salin built a 730-strong Mustang for the police department of another Californian city – Riverside, so the machine for the Seal Beach is expected to have similar characteristics. At the moment the most modification is the S302 Black Label Mustang 2015 model year. The standard 5.0-liter V8 engine here is boosted to 730 forces and 813 Nm of torque. Achieve the necessary increase in power was achieved through the installation of a supercharger, a more efficient exhaust system, and a cold inlet. Plus, this version of the model has more solid brakes, an optimized suspension and, of course, an aggressive body kit. Apparently, the Mustang policeman for the Seal Beach is based on this modification, while the copy is adapted for service. Most likely, the car is intended solely to enhance the status of the local police, so do not expect that it will take part in the pursuit of criminals.

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