Russian dealers create a car database

Six dealers (Genser, “Autoworld”, “Klyuchavto”, “independence”, “Rolf” and “TransTechService”) supported the initiative site car ads “Avito Auto” to create a unified database of cars. Get acquainted with the project, dubbed “Avtoteka” can autoteka by reference. However, the site is still in test mode, and access its functionality only have dealers. It is expected that in the formation of the production database will bring together leading Russian dealers, as well as banks, credit bureaus, government agencies and insurance companies. When “Avtoteka” project database will be formed, the car owners will be able to learn the history of your vehicle, pointing to his website VIN-number. In particular, it will be possible to get information on service work and run. A full site launch scheduled for the autumn of 2016. Take advantage of the database will be able to anyone and absolutely free.


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