Rules of safe driving in fog

Driving in the fog – it is perhaps the most faithful the opportunity to get into an accident. Poor visibility is the reason that traffic accidents can happen unexpectedly, and their members can be several. According to statistics, it is the fog is responsible for about a third of all accidents.
In addition to the general deterioration of visibility in the fog occurs optical distortion effect of the distance between objects.Any obstacle to the driver seems to be located farther away than it actually is. In this case it is particularly important to observe some basic rules that will help prevent accidents on the road.

For safe driving in fog.
• The main rule of safe travel in fog – take every opportunity to avoid it

• If the mist caught you on the road, choose a high-speed mode, which enables you to have time to react to changing road conditions in poor visibility conditions. Experienced drivers are advised to adhere to the following rules – the speed in kilometers per hour should be half of the visibility in meters (ie when visibility is 30 meters speed should not exceed 15 km/h)

• When visibility is not more than 2 meters of any movement on the road should stop and stay on the sidelines, clinging to the right as possible. Best of all, if next to the car will be a tree, a house, a fence, or other significant obstacle

• Turn on the parking lights, daytime running lights (in any case not far) or “fog” (if they are, then they will have the benefit of only when properly installed and adjusted)

• Abrupt maneuvers (rebuilding, overtaking, timing, etc.) are best avoided entirely. If you want to still make such a maneuver, use every opportunity to warn other drivers, including turn signals, signaling lights and an audible signal. Reduce speed and braking should be as smooth as possible Alarm after stopping will make your car more visible

• In the context of the deteriorating visibility, always increase the distance

• In the fog to rely at the hearing. Therefore, lower the windows and turn off the music

• Driving in poor visibility is much more rapid fatigue of the driver, so he should rest more often. Once the driver gets tired more quickly when the fog looks constantly to the machine. In this case, he may simply lose orientation in space

• It is not necessary to be guided on a machine that is ahead. Her driver actually has is as a limited review. Especially because when turning or even a small distance, it may suddenly disappear from view. Focus on the edge of the road (if visible), the trees along the roadside, poles or other fixed objects

• Usually in the fog does not rain, but the droplets of condensate will be continuously deposited on the windshield and impair visibility even more. Be sure to turn on the windshield wipers

• Rules of the road in such circumstances prohibit overtaking moving into the oncoming traffic

• Light passing through the fine mist droplet modifies the spectral properties: yellow to orange (closer to red), and green may appear yellow. In addition, it is difficult to determine is the light source. The headlights of the oncoming car may resemble the light from the lantern road, red light can be and stop signals and traffic lights and railroad crossings, and a lantern, which is used roadster.

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