Rules of proper parking

Parking – it’s a real problem not only for beginners, but often even for experienced drivers. If the driver has not mastered the skills of proper parking, it becomes a potential threat to other road users, and for himself. To be able to park properly, you need to learn the basics of the process, to understand the basic errors, and – master the rules of competent Parking in different situations.

Basic mistakes when parking.

For novice drivers the main mistake is an incorrect assessment of the size of a parking space and the dimensions of your own car. This problem is solved by training on the court or the usual vacant lot, where you can easily simulate various situations related to parking. Mark the area, you just need to do the exercises in both forward and reverse, with the right and left turns, etc. Multiple repetition helps to “feel” the size of the car and to adequately assess the dimensions of the parking space.


Parking on the mirrors – this is the main method of reverse parking. However, the width of the survey thus considerably reduced. Therefore, when a parking should sometimes turn his head. Another common mistake – do not take into account the type of car. Thus, the rear-wheel drive cars have a smaller turning radius, and all-wheel drive – it is the maximum.

Terms of parallel parking.

Parallel parking – is the placement of the car along the curb or side of the building in line with other vehicles. Exercise can be both forward and reverse. Parallel parking reversing most useful when space is limited. However, the distance between the machine where you plan to park, should be about half the length of your car. To perform the maneuver must perform a series of steps:

• Put the vehicle parallel to the front of the machine (following an interval of not less than 50 cm), catch up with him the front door

• Remove the wheel to the right to stop and turn back the transfer. Moving at an angle of 45 degrees, look to the right window, until there will be left back gauge front of the machine. After this stop

• Front wheel stand upright and move backwards until the front right size of your vehicle is equal to the left rear of the front of the car

• Remove the wheels to the left and keep going backwards, watching the mirrors so as not to hurt the car, which is on the back

• When Vehicles will be parallel to the curb, you can not straighten the wheels off the engine

Parallel parking front somewhat more complicated because of the fact that the flexibility with somewhat reduced. However, parked in front of a really not so difficult:

• It is necessary to stop the vehicle is stationary in parallel so that in the right window you saw him bumper (ie, slightly ahead)

• wrenched the wheel to the right and move forward until the car is parallel curb

• aligns wheels and moving backwards, watching the mirrors


Perpendicular parking.

It called perpendicular parking at 90 degrees to the curb. Parking next to the other machines, consider the distance that will allow you to open the doors on both sides. Perpendicular to the park can also forward and reverse. For novice drivers should be understood that when parking in reverse car has better maneuverability. Therefore, below it is considered step by step instructions of this method.

• The vehicle must stop at a distance of about one meter from the other parked vehicles

• Conduct a conditional line through the center of the rear wheel, the driver’s seat and the point of intersection on the back of the arch

• On-site parking designate the extreme front right point

• Turn right turn, and by removing the wheel and a half turn, move back to the junction point of the conventional car and parking

• Align the wheel when the car will take place in parallel with other machines


Proper parking garage or boxing.

When parking in the garage should be guided by its corners and the door leaf (if they are the size of the garage). Below is a step by step guide for the arrival reversing into the garage on the right.

• Stop near a corner or early doors, turn the steering wheel to the left and start moving forward

• stops when the right mirror to the corner of the door or transmission, align the wheels and include a reverse gear • stops when the tailgate equal to the angle of the door or transmission

• wrenched the wheel to the right and begin to check the garage, guided by mirrors, progressively aligning the machine until it is parallel to the walls

• aligns wheels and continue to move backward by controlling the distance from the back wall

Other methods parking.

Often organized near the supermarket parking lot “herringbone”. Park in which case the following before and leave the parking lot in reverse along the same path, watching in the mirror, to avoid interference in the form of passing cars. With regard to parking on the sidewalk should follow the traffic signs. If on-site parking is not one of these characters, the park on the sidewalk where prohibited.


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