The RUF company, known for its modified versions of Porsche supercar, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show RUF RGT-8 on the basis of the new Porsche 997. Under the hood of the car is the engine of his own design, which is lighter than the standard engine Porsche. 4.5-liter V8 in the RGT-8 produces 549 hp and 500 Nm of torque. To make the car as light as possible, the engineers installed on the RUF sperkar aluminum doors and hood, and engine cover and rear wing are made from carbon fiber. RUF RGT-8 features integrated into the bodywork protective safety cage, the standard brakes gave way to ceramics and 19-inch alloy wheels, “shod” in the sports tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, have a central fixture. Production of the first RUF RGT-8 is scheduled for early 2011, but then there should be more information about this supercar.

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ruf-rgt-8-porsche-997_02-649x460 ruf-rgt-8-porsche-997_03-650x423 ruf-rgt-8-porsche-997_01-650x464