Romain Grosjean at the second attempt to win the race of champions

The annual event Race of Champions (ROC) – Race of Champions for the first time took place in Thailand. In just two days, the organizers were able to prepare a football stadium Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok for auto-racing competitions.
On Saturday, pilots competed in the team competition Nations Cup, which is the sixth time in a row got the German national team , represented by the seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher and souped three-time champion Sebastian Vettel.
In the final against Germany resisted the French, led to last year’s Champion of Champions Sebastien Ogier and formulary pilot Team Lotus – Roman Grosjean. In the end, they both lost their races Vettel and Schumacher, who on the way to another victory did not allow a single defeat.
On Sunday, she went directly to the Champions Race, where every pilot has represented its own interests.On the way to the semi-finals of the 8-time winner of the 24-hour race at Le Mans Tom Kristensen won the race against Sébastien Ogier and David Coulthard.
In another group of Vettel in the race against Grosjean touched the barrier and damaged the rear suspension on the KTM X-Bow. On a faulty machine Sebastian could not force the fight to Roman, but the Frenchman has missed so that then in a clean fight and won another Michael Schumacher, to avenge the defeat in the Nations Cup.
Thus, in the final clash between Tom Kristensen and Romain Grosjean. For it was the Dane’s second consecutive finals. However, last year he lost Ogier. But Grosjean and does only the second time participating in the event.
The first race was won by Frenchman buggy. It is worth noting that Christensen almost did not go on such a machine, and it was evident that its management is given to him is not easy. The fight in the finals is two wins, and in the second race in the KTM X-Bow again proved the fastest Grosjean. Thus, only at the second attempt The novel won the title of Champion of Champions.
Recall that in last year’s Race of Champions took part Vitaly Petrov, who in Saturday races once ahead of Michael Schumacher, but on Sunday Acne failed to shine.


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