Swiss tuning studio Rinspeed has declassified its new product that will be shown to the public at the International Motor Show in Geneva in March 2012. The device is a trailer for electric vehicles, called Dock+Go.
As an experimental vehicle to showcase its innovation the company chose the electric version of the Smart ForTwo. The so-called “backpack on wheels” is attached to the machine by means of a rigid coupling, and on the idea of specialist Rinspeed, will be able to help many groups of people. For example, a pizza guy tuners offer to build in the “backpack” heating and plumbers will be able to place there all the necessary tools.
If the car is used for private purposes, the trailer will fit a few bags or a set of golf. Also in the studio Rinspeed consider the option of integrating into the “backpack” ICE, which will be powered by batteries located in the same place and turn the wheels of the trailer, which will significantly increase the power reserve of any electric vehicle.
Recharging batteries in Dock+Go is planned, including, and solar panels. On the mass production of such devices speech does not go.

rinspeed-dock-go_01 rinspeed-dock-go_02