The Rinspeed company presented the Etos concept based i8

The Swiss company Rinspeed has developed an unusual concept, dubbed Etos. The presentation of the car will take place at the Consumer Electronics Show CES, which will open in January 2016 in Las Vegas.
Being built on the basis of a hybrid BMW i8, a prototype was autopilot system, which is activated when the steering wheel effectively formed inside the front panel. Autopilot helps the system circular view eight high-resolution cameras and a system of interaction with the other cars.
Swiss Rinspeed Etos concept also equipped drones, which can be used to shoot the car while driving or delivery of purchases directly into the cabin. Interestingly, for the design of the runway drone, located in the rear of the car, the company’s specialists have used as many as 12 thousand LEDs. By controlling the latter, the driver can make uncomplicated image or display a message.
Rinspeed Ethos equipped leisure complex Harman Connect Car, which is able to alert the driver of possible routes, nearby attractions and work as a kind of adviser when choosing music and video clips. Manage a multimedia system can be either manually (using the keypad or touchpad) or remotely (using voice commands or gestures).
The interior concept is two 21.5-inch curved screen located directly in front of the driver and passenger.What they will be displayed depends entirely on the wishes of the people in the car.
Swiss experts also taught Etos monitor the driver’s view. The data analyzing system E-Horizon, able to alert the driver of a potentially dangerous situation. Curiously, the mirrors have the concept of digital, the picture is displayed on them only when necessary.
The prototype also received 20-inch wheels, keyless entry system in the cabin and the engine is started, the system of automatic parking function of transmitting telemetry feature wireless charging smartphones, as well as intelligent heating system, able to warm the batteries.
Information about the engine Rinspeed Etos yet. Recall that the original i8 drives a hybrid propulsion system consisting of a gasoline engine, an electric motor and a six-speed automatic transmission.

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