The Rezvani company introduced a Beast Alpha

The American company Rezvani presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles 2016 a new model, called Beast Alpha. Sports car got a body targa with removable hard top and doors of the original structure. If based roadster Rezvani Beast is the chassis of the Ariel Atom, the Alpha version is based on the “wheelbarrow” from Lotus. At the same overall length Targ (4145 mm) and the value of the wheelbase (2 345) are the same, and only rose to the height of 1 105 mm (+ 135). Key new chip Rezvani Beast Alpha steel door “Sidewinder”, who at the opening are shifted sideways and forward. This is very difficult and not practical, but unusual and eye-catching. The movement of a sports car brings a 2.4-liter engine Honda K24, which is on the roadster is equipped with drive supercharger Rotrex, and he was replaced on Alpha high-performance turbocharger. That’s just the final output on both versions is the same 507 hp Due to the different chassis, doors and roof car was 136 pounds heavier roadster – Rezvani Alpha weighs 884 kg, which is of course reflected in its dynamics. Paired with a six-speed sequential gearbox model accelerates from zero to hundred in 3.3 seconds, while the version with manual transmission it takes 3.5 seconds.

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But the maximum speed due to better aerodynamics increased to 281 km/h (17 +). Price of new Rezvani Beast Alpha is $ 200,000, and it is to do it in the company of the basic rate, as sales of the exotic roadster go does not matter. In addition, its cost has managed to grow from the original 165 000 to 195 000 dollars.

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