Three weeks after the Grand Prix of Russia in 2014, Formula 1 came to the US, where the racetrack in Austin (Texas) qualify. However, this time the paddock were missing just two teams – Caterham and Marussia forced to miss the race in America and Brazil, due to financial problems.

But in the camp leaders, nothing has changed. Ahead still both representatives of Mercedes, except that this time proved to be ahead of Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton qualified second. But the more interesting it will be tomorrow’s race, because it is Nico in the role of pursuer, and he needs to recoup.

Third, as in Sochi, Walter turned Bottas, and there are no problems with the car mate Finn for Williams team Felipe Massa showed the fourth result. The fifth will go into battle, Daniel Riccardo, but Sebastian Vettel will be forced to start the race from the pit lane, as his Red Bull installed a new power plant that is not in a limit of five possible in a season.

Sixth in qualifying at Austin was Fernando Alonso, while his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen showed the eighth time. The two representatives of the pilots of Ferrari placed McLaren – Jenson Button (7th place) and Kevin Magnussen (8th place). A top ten closed Adrian at Sauber.

Moreover, in his car Toro Rosso again replaced the engine, which is punishable by a fine of ten positions.

Company Pirelli tires brought to the United States two softest compounds, which should provide a more interesting race. Is it really so, find out tomorrow night.