The results of the qualification before the United States Grand Prix 2013

Sebastian Vettel won the qualification to the United States Grand Prix in 2013, to select the best moment of his team-mate Mark Weber, who will start tomorrow’s race from the second position. A third line of the protocol took Roman. Failing beginning of the season, the team Sauber is rehabilitated in its completion. At this time in the top ten he made his way not only Nico, and Esteban Gutierrez. The latter, however, showed only a tenth result, while Nico himself qualified fourth. Behind the Germans were promising and Lewis Hamilton (5th) and Fernando Alonso (6th place). These two riders alone defended the colors of their teams in the final segment – neither Nico Rosberg nor Felipe Massa this time failed to pass in the third part of the race. The same goes for Sergio Perez (7th), who on the eve of the Grand Prix learned that the McLaren team decided not to renew his contract for the season of 2014, decided to give a chance to Kevin Magnussenu. And on the eighth line surprise – Heikki Kovalainen replacing the team Lotus of Kimi Raikkonen. Recall Kimi thought to miss the last race of the season, as for the whole year, he said, has not received a single euro of their salary. Nevertheless, it is still made ​​at the last Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, and then lay down on the surgery on the spine, which, fortunately, was successful. Raikkonen is now waiting for a few weeks of rehabilitation before he can start training before the next season. As for Kovalainen, then this year he spent only a few sesy free practice driving a Caterham, but did not participate in the race. And at the same time on an unfamiliar car, in this new team made a very worthy. Let’s see what it will show Sunday. Finally, in the ninth place will start, and then again a surprise, another Finn – Walter Bottas in the Williams. The legendary British team failed season and the passage of one of its pilots in the final segment has a small achievement.


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