The results of the qualification before the Singapore Grand Prix 2015

Sebastian Vettel managed to break the hegemony of qualifying pilots of the team Mercedes, won the pole in front of the Singapore Grand Prix 2015 Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are faced with a deficit of more speed during free practice, giving the representatives of Ferrari and Red Bull. Seb set the best time is still in his first attempt of the final segment, and the second attempt is also shown improved results, ahead of closest pursuer in the face of Daniel Riccardo (2nd place) for half a second. The top ten broke both representatives Williams – Walter Bottas showed the seventh time, and Felipe Massa will start ninth. Max Verstappen qualified eighth in the Toro Rosso, and closed the top ten on the Lotus Romain Grosjean. Apparently, tomorrow will be an interesting race. We will monitor, whether representatives of Mercedes to fight back and eventually act as the racers Red Bull.


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