The results of the qualification before the Singapore Grand Prix 2014

On the last Saturday before qualifying Grand Prix of Singapore 2014 pole with each other once again played the pilots of Mercedes, however, on a city circuit, Marina Bay, their advantage was no longer so obvious.

After adjusting the time base in the first attempt of the final segment of as many as eight drivers were in the same half a second and Felipe Massa led the protocol.

But in the final attempt to time the Brazilian managed to surpass the five pilots, drivers pushing Williams to sixth position. The first improvement shown by Daniel Riccardo, but the result exceeded – at first this did Nico Rosberg, and then Lewis Hamilton.

Thus, the first starts tomorrow Lewis, who was ahead of team-mate just seven thousandths of a second.Rosberg will go into a second fight, but Ricardo was the third.

Following Daniel Sebastian Vettel qualified, and that, in turn, narrowly ahead of Fernando Alonso – two world champions shared only five thousandths.

Unfortunately, the car of Kimi Raikkonen in the key moment of any technical problems, so improve your previous result, he could not, but it was enough to Finn to stay seventh.

Fighting in tomorrow’s race promises to be tense, and riders and technology will face a tough test – urban circuit does not forgive mistakes.


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