The results of the qualification before the Monaco Grand Prix in 2015

It was in Monaco most race wins pole holders so that the qualification here is crucial, because to overtake on the narrow street circuit is extremely difficult. Even if much of a difference in speed between the rival machines. And if the last two Grand Prix of Monaco won Nico Rosberg, but this time the chances of his team-mate and main rival while Lewis Hamilton seem higher. The Briton won not only certain pole, but in the whole course of this season looks a little harder. In addition, Nico peretormozil at the first corner, damaging the set of tires, where he will start tomorrow. However, Rosberg will start the second, and the best from the rest has become Sebastian Vettel (3rd place), while his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen (6th place), this time much podotstal, behind both the representatives of Red Bull. Surprisingly highly qualified Sergio Perez in the Force India, which not only took place in the final segment, but also showed the seventh result there, leaving behind the junior team Toro Rosso in the person of Carlos Sainz (8th place) and Max Verstappen (10th place). And still wedged between Pastor Maldonado (9th) in the Lotus. Races in Monaco are always at a beautiful picture, but not always, they are interesting for the spectators. Nevertheless, we are every year looking forward to this Grand Prix and hope to see entertaining fight.


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