In the course of free practice on the track in Monaco looked great Fernando Alonso and besides him a real fight Sebastian Vettel could well impose also Lewis Hamilton in qualifying but everything turned out differently. In the final segment, two and a half minutes to the end, a serious accident was Sergio Perez. On the state of the Mexican pilot at the moment we only know that he is conscious and can talk. He was taken to the hospital for an examination, is a more precise state of his health is not reported. At the time of the accident Sergio on a fast lap were several drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, who by that time no result has not yet revealed. Vettel on the contrary – had to drive very fast lap, which resulted in the pilot of Red Bull showed the result of 1:13,556. Evacuation of Peres and his broken car, as well as restoring security barrier was delayed by about half an hour. Since then, the track conditions had changed, so that after the resumption of arrival, none of the pilots of his time to improve and could not. A Hamilton on his only flying lap was able to show only the seventh result. Thus, the pole again left behind Vettel, who had previously never in Monaco, so start with the first place tomorrow, it can seriously help. On the second line was Jenson Button, also showed a very good result, which allowed him to get ahead to take third place Mark Webber. Fernando Alonso has conceded Vettel almost a full second, and go into battle in tomorrow’s race fourth, his teammate – Felipe Massa qualified sixth, behind Michael Schumacher (5th place). The eighth and ninth were the results of Nico Rosberg and Pastor Maldonado, respectively. Top ten in the FIA official record closes Sergio Perez, but his participation in tomorrow’s race in serious question. The pilots of the team HRT faced in qualifying with some difficulties and did not leave the track. On their admission to the start will be decided individually, but the chances are slim. Drivers Lotus Renault this time did not shine.