The results of the qualification before the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2014

Heavy rain delayed about an hour before the start of qualifying the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2014, but then the rain a few verses, so all three races was able to hold the session without any major complications. At the same time the sky continued to drip continuously and asphalt remained wet, so if rain intervenes in the course of the race, many riders risk being left without fresh set of tires on this type of weather. However, the rain did not stop Lewis Hamilton to win the second pole of the season. But the second, with a lag of just 0.055 seconds. qualified than his teammate and Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull, ahead of just the same Nico, was the third. The fourth will go into battle tomorrow Fernando Alonso, but the Spaniard consistently outperform during free practice Kimi Raikkonen showed the sixth result, behind Riccardo Daniel (5th place). Seventh qualified Nico at Force India, ahead of both pilots of the team McLaren – Kevin Magnussen (8th place) and Jenson Button (10th place). And wedged between the representative in the person of Toro Rosso Jean-Eric (9th place). As in Australia, in the wet conditions did not look too convincing riders Williams – Felipe Massa appeared only 13th and Walter Bottas – 15th. But if the race goes on dry, then wait for them is a major breakthrough. At the same time, if Sunday would be hot, and the heat combined with humidity in Malaysia are very serious, problems can arise at the McLaren team, which on the car before qualifying on Saturday, there were problems with the cooling. But regardless of the weather, the Sepang circuit has to fight and overtaking, so the race is expected very interesting and rich in events.


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