It is exciting and tense qualifying ending turned to the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2013, as in the course of the races rain intervened. Fortunately, this was not a tropical downpour, so that the suspension or postponement of the session, as it was a week ago in Australia, did not happen. The rain started to drizzle around the middle of the second segment, so to improve their results, no one could. In the final segment in full force passed by representatives of Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren. Also fighting for pole continued Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus and Adrian Sutil of Force India. For the final segment of all riders chose intermediate tires, and the results are continuously improved since the drizzle by the time stopped, and the asphalt dries very quickly. Toward the end of the session was marked by an excellent result Lewis Hamilton, but then it is still ahead of Fernando Alonso. However, the pole for the second time in a row this season, went to Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa (2nd place) under the curtain has surpassed the result of his team mate. As a result, Fernando tomorrow starts a third, and Hamilton fell back to fourth place, but it was again ahead of Rosberg (6th place). Mark Webber showed the fifth result, and behind it there is Kimi Raikkonen (7th place), Jenson Button (8th place), Adrian Sutil (9th place) and Sergio Perez (10th place). Here especially it is worth noting the progress McLaren completely failed at the first race of the season, but at least a little, but just a week later rehabilitated. The race is expected not less exciting. And even if you go without rain, the tire wear on the track is such that the main tactic could be three pit-stop, and someone is likely to have to stop more often.