The results of the qualification before the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014

Qualifications before the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014 was held on a dry track, while Sunday is more likely to promise rain, which can be a real shower because of a typhoon approaching the island Phanfone. In these circumstances, for the seventh time in a row out of reach for the opponents appeared pilots of Mercedes, and Rosberg won the pole position, ahead of team-mate Lews Hamilton two tenths of a second. The second row of the grid was taken by representatives Williams – Walter Bottas (3rd place) and Felipe Massa (4th place). Fernando Alonso qualified fifth, and the best representative of Red Bull – Daniel Riccardo showed the sixth result. The Red Bull hinted that once configured the machine to rain because after qualifying to change the settings will already be impossible. Perhaps this partly explains the weak result Sebastian Vettel (9th place), who managed to get ahead in the final segment only Kimi (10th place). But the seventh and eighth qualified racers McLaren – Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button respectively. Now solved the question of whether to hold Sunday’s race a little earlier than planned in order to have time to finish before the impending typhoon, but until a final decision on the matter is still pending. Follow the schedule of broadcasts.


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