The results of the qualification before the Japanese Grand Prix in 2013

Problems encountered with the KERS system on the car Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel did not allow him to take the pole position in front of the Japanese Grand Prix in 2013, but the situation took a chance his team-mate Mark Webber, for the first time in the season won the qualification. Vettel himself, the way and lost, but will go into battle tomorrow from second place. Knowing about the problems with the brand from the start, more likely it could be argued that by the first turn Sebastian could be the leaders of the Grand Prix. The situation in the Championship is that to win the title early, already the fourth in a row, Vettel needs to win the race and Alonso thus should finish no higher than ninth place. So the intrigue this year faded a lot earlier than in the previous few seasons. The best of the rest at this time was Lewis Hamilton (3rd place) and Romain Grosjean has once again demonstrated a high rate of qualified fourth. Should be placed Felipe Massa (5th place) and Nico (6th place). Pilot Sauber continued a series of different qualifications, leaving behind such drivers Fernando Alonso (8th place), Kimi (9th place) and Jenson Button (10th place). But at the last Grand Prix of Korea in the race Hulkenberg defended to the last, not yielding to any Ferrari, or Mercedes. Let’s see how this time, the race in Japan, promises to be interesting.


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