In the qualification before the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in 2014, with its long, straight out of the competition turned out to riders on the car with the engines Mercedes, which occupied the first six places on the grid. The main battle for the pole on the established tradition of the season, was developed between representatives of the factory stables Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Before the final attempt in the third segment of the German ranks second protocol and a Briton – first. As a result, while team-mate Nico surpass failed, and remains the second. High speed demonstrated and representatives Williams, who occupied the second line of the grid, while Walter Bottas (3rd place) was again ahead of the more experienced Felipe Massa (4th place). A similar situation occurred in the McLaren, where world champion Jenson Button (6th) lost to debutant Kevin Magnussenu (5th place). Only he managed to qualify seventh, Fernando Alonso at Ferrari, but Kimi Raikkonen and did not pass the final segment. Red Bull driver this time was not too fast, and Daniel Ricardo (9th) lost to the same Sebastian Vettel (8th place), although in recent years was often ahead of four-time champion. So tomorrow will be an interesting race, in which, perhaps, Rosberg and Hamilton continue to sort things out, and the pilots Williams and McLaren will certainly try to force them to fight and be ready to take advantage of the leaders of the battle to be ahead of them.