The results of the qualification before the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2014

After last week before the German Grand Prix, the season of Formula January 2014 passed the equator. And the second half of the Championship opening race in Hungary, where the qualification was held on Saturday. Alas, almost immediately it was out of Lewis Hamilton, whose car caught fire engine. Thus, the British continued to pursue a losing streak on Saturday. And if in Germany to Hamilton sveogo departure due to failure of the brake disc managed to show a good result, this time the gathering happened before. At the same time in all free practice Lewis and his teammate Nico Rosberg showed the best of times, and there are no technical problems on any of the Mercedes cars were observed. Another surprise of the first segment of qualifying was not the way out of it Kimi. The pilot held a Ferrari is far better position in the protocol, but for some reason did not become a further attempt to leave, although he remained in the cockpit. As a result, the team Marussia driver Jules Bianchi was able to shoot under the checkered flag, pushing Raikkonen by 17 points. All pilots drove on slicks, but by the time the first combat round rainfall increased. The first was Nico Rosberg, but he still managed to slow down in the first turn, though in this case turned out to be far beyond the highway. But McClaren Kevin Magnussen went locked the wheels in a straight line almost without delay, followed by a rather hard blow to the barrier of tires. Fortunately, with the Dane all was in order, but his car was seriously damaged. Management has suspended check, to tidy up the fence and evacuate the wrecked car. And by the time the session restart rain virtually stopped. Unstable weather has made adjustments in tactics teams. If you usually make the final segment of the riders on two attempts with one fast lap, but now they have decided to hold only attempt made up of several fastest laps. And the best was again Nico Rosberg, who won the tenth pole position of his career. The second speed was Sebastian Vettel, ahead of Walter Bottas (3rd place) on Williams and his napranika for Red Bull – Daniel Riccardo (4th place). Fernando Alonso qualified fifth and behind him were placed Felipe Massa (6th), Jenson Button (7th place), Jean-Eric Vergne (8th place) and Nico (9th place). Tomorrow we will probably expect an interesting race and then be followed by a summer break of nearly a month.


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