The results of the qualification before the Grand Prix of Russia 2015

Like last year, qualifying on pole in front of the Grand Prix of Russia 2015 played between a team of pilots Mercedes. But if in the 2014th ahead of Lewis Hamilton proved, that this time was not equal to Nico Rosberg. In his first attempt to fast German rode so well that failed to surpass its same result in the second. But no one else to do this also failed. Lewis Hamilton a little mistake while trying to drive faster, and as a result remained the second. Surprisingly, the third Sochi qualified Bottas on Walter Williams – again, repeating his last year’s result on Saturday here. But then we went differences. Ferrari in 2015th looks much better, so stay on Bottas placed Sebastian Vettel (4th place) and Kimi Raikkonen (5th place). The track in Sochi is well liked riders Force India – its representatives in the face of Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Pérez qualified sixth and seventh respectively. Behind them is located in the Roman Lotus (8th place), and made their way into the top ten as Daniel Ricardo (10th place) and Max Verstappen (9th place). And the young Dutchman in the Toro Rosso ahead of the more experienced of the Australian Red Bull. What’s up mate Verstappen team, in Saturday’s training Carlos Sainz was in a serious car accident, after which he was sent to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, with the Spaniard all was in order, but the night he still will spend in the hospital, and the decision on the admission of it in the race will be considered further.


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