The results of the qualification before the Grand Prix of Korea 2012

Less than a week has passed since the race in Japan, and the teams and riders have arrived in South Korea, where today was held before the next qualification already shestndadtsatym, World Championship Formula 1 2012 season. In the course of training with a noticeable advantage in the lead Red Bull team in the face of Sebastian Vettel. And the more surprising that the grid is located only two-time champion in second place. In his first attempt of the final segment of Seb gave the best result, but during the second attempt to beat your own time Vettel failed. But his team-mate Mark Webber did it. The third time in qualifying before the Grand Prix of Korea in 2012 showed Lewis Hamilton ahead Fernnado Alonso (4th place). And behind them settled Kimi Raikkonen (5th place) and Felipe Massa (5th place). Lotus team decided to use a new exhaust system, but it only set the machine Finn. It is possible that this factor has allowed Kimi ahead Novel (7th place), which this season in qualifying ironed stronger partner, but the worst acts in the race. Rounded out the top ten Nico Hyulkenburg (8th place) and two pilots Mercedes AMG – Nico Rosberg (9th) and Michael Schumacher (10th place). Given the not too successful, traditionally Webber, Australian starts, there is a strong likelihood that the outcome of tomorrow’s race Vettel fails to catch up with, and maybe get ahead of Fernando Alonso in the standings.


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