In the qualification before the Grand Prix of Europe in Valencia street circuit once again proved to be the fastest pilots of Red Bull. And this is despite the fact that the FIA has amended the regulations of the Championship prohibiting change the settings of the engine between qualifying and the race. It was assumed that the use of different settings allowing Red Bull in qualifying to get a significant advantage over their competitors, but in the end Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber all the same to take the first line of the grid before the race tomorrow. In free practice good looking the darling of the local audience – Spaniard Fernando Alonso, but he could only qualify in fourth place. In his final attempt Alonso I was not ahead of schedule, so he did not even finish the fastest lap. On the third position in the battle will take Lewis Hamilton and his teammate at McLaren – Jenson Button showed only the sixth result, the position of losing more and Felipe Massa (5th place). Seventh and eighth qualified pilots Mercedes GP – Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher, respectively, and closed the top ten of Nick Heidfeld and Adrian Sutil, the latter being generally decided not to go in the third qualifying segment, and Heidfeld drove only installation laps, and brought him to the ninth position. The past three races in Valencia got not too flattering reputation rather boring, but the tire factor and two zones of DRS this year can rectify the situation. Let’s see how events will develop tomorrow.