The results of the qualification before the Chinese Grand Prix in 2015

Lewis Hamilton won the qualification in front of the Chinese Grand Prix in 2015, although the final attempt of the third segment of his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg showed a very quick result, Lewis conceded only 42 hundredths. But for the third started a real struggle. Initially, the protocol took third place Kimi Raikkonen, but then the result could surpass Walter Bottas, Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettel. As a result, it is Vettel will start tomorrow’s race in third, Felipe Massa (4th) ahead of team-mate Walter Williams Bottas (5th place) and Raikkonen lost to all of them, fell back to sixth place. Daniel Ricardo at the Red Bull could not do anything to stop the pilots of three leading teams, qualified seventh, but it’s still better results Daniel Kvyat, who continued to pursue technical problems. Marcus Ericsson has closed the top ten, and Felipe Nasr shows a ninth time. Both succumbed Novel at Lotus, who took eighth place in the protocol. Sunday’s race promises to fight, not only for points, but for the victory. Surely Nico Rosberg will not give up without a fight, especially since he had previously won in China.


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